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Note: This type of project must be submitted prior to arriving in Cameroon and must be with in the guidelines of AADA mission, vision, and domain of activities.

AADA welcomes volunteers from all over the world! We have a range of active projects and are knowledgeable at connecting individuals with projects that utilize their skill set and provide them with an enriching experience. People can volunteer individually or as an organization. We believe that everyone has something to offer and give to the improvement of Cameroon’s communities.

How To Volunteer ?

From Home

Fund raising/Awareness Campaigns: AADA believes that everyone can play a small part in reducing poverty and helping create positive, sustainable development in Cameroon. Volunteers can host small fund raising events at their home, school, local restaurant/bar to raise awareness and support for AADA projects.

In Country

Existing Projects- Participate in our existing projects which will include both field work and office work


Independent Project- Learn, develop and implement an independent project aimed at a topic of your interest. The volunteer will be responsible for developing the project, fund raising, managing, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability. AADA will supply the office space, personal, guidance and any

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