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Community Environmental Awareness Program (CEAP)

Community Leader Talking About Deforestation

The Community Environmental Awareness Program (CEAP) seeks to educate the people of the Mamfe community on the destructive affects of smuggling, over hunting and unsustainable consumption of natural resources.  Located in the Tafoloka Forest, the Mamfe community has witnessed a huge lose in wildlife and vegetation including trees and medicinal herbs, and a marked increase in soil erosion.  Protecting and educating this community, which borders Nigeria, is critical in combating the devastating effects of cross-border illegal logging and smuggling.

AADA will host workshops to sensitize and educate the community and its leaders about the effects of deforestation, smuggling, poaching and the bush meat trade. Additionally, methods will be introduced to combat such practices and increase more sustainable management of forest resources.

Testimonial of AADA President, Ayuk Raphael

“The community leaders narrated their stories with mixed feelings of pain, joy, and sadness. As I listened, I was moved. Being a Zoologist and a child from this community, I remembered the forest when it was thick like a canopy shading the hills and villages. I remembered the sounds of the roaring tigers, eagles flying above, the Cross River Gorillas, and the elephants strolling through the forest. As I looked upon the forest now, I saw the depletion of the trees and the newly formed distance from one another. The herbs and shrubs that would be in abundance have been completely destroyed from the forces of soil erosion. The wildlife I remembered and loved was no longer present. I asked myself “What will be there for the next generation?”

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