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Conservation Education

Engine For The Development Of Any Society

Education in general is supposed to be the engine for the development of any society. Through education people gain not only the knowledge of scientific contents, but also the ability to think for themselves, which means judging what is happening in their environment in a critical way as well as being creative and bringing up new ideas to develop their society. Educated young people have the motivation, the knowledge and the ability to build up the future of their community, region or country.

In many countries, the educational system provides people with the classic subjects and focuses on the content that was taught many years before. But the responsible persons should not forget about the problems people currently face today and which is to build up the world’s future!

Environmental conservation is the best example for this ignorance in today’s educational systems. Although it is an issue that cannot be ignored due to its global importance, children, students and adults aren’t sufficiently educated on conservation. If we want to bring sustainable development forward, we shouldn’t forget about the general importance of education for development and understand that environmental conservation can only be entrenched in the society by raising awareness through widespread education not only in schools but also for adults.

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