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Religious Environmental Awareness Program (REAP)

Conservation Education in church

The Religious Environmental Awareness Program (REAP) raises awareness and understanding of conservation Education in church environmental conservation through the use of religion and faith. Created by the President of AADA, Ayuk Raphael, and Ian Redmond, Chief Consultant for the United Nations Environmental Program, Born Free Goodwill Ambassador for Great Apes the program aims to leverage the role of religion and its impact on social practices, to instill an awareness and positive attitude towards environmental conservation. A congregational approach will target the greatest number of people and will create “positive peer pressure” to reinforce such ideals in everyday life.
The Holy Bible, Torah, Koran and Vedas all place importance on conservation and provide guiding words for the management of our environment, wildlife and natural resources. Drawing on religious texts and oral tradition, AADA will use these as a blue print for furthering environmental education.
AADA is working in collaboration with the Limbe Wildlife Center and religious and traditional institutions in the South West Region of Cameroon to create a grassroots movement towards conservation.

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