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Wildlife Defense Act

Gorilla In The Limbe Wildlife Center

Gorilla in the Limbe wildlife center the Wildlife defense Act is an integral part of AADA’s Conservation Education initiatives that include the Religious Environmental Awareness Program (REAP), Community Environmental Awareness Program (CEAP) and School Environmental Awareness Program (SEAP). The Wildlife Defense Act is woven into the above education programs aiming to decrease illegal hunting and the trade of wildlife.

In 2009, AADA carried out research in the Takamanda National Park to document the level of hunting and illegal consumption of bush-meat. A dramatic increase of such activities between Nigeria and Cameroon were recorded.

Animals including the Cross River Gorilla, elephant, chimpanzee, drill, leopard, crocodile, hippopotamus, duiker, monkey and various species of forest birds of zoological importance are now facing extinction due to the bush meat and wildlife trade.
AADA believes that their grassroots approach to education and raising awareness through conservation education will decrease illegal hunting and the further loss of these animals.

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